All About Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

beautiful Sir Walter Buffalo Grass lawn in front of garden and park bench

beautiful Sir Walter Buffalo Grass lawn in front of garden and park benchSir Walter Buffalo Grass has a long history, having been born and bred in Australia and a widely used favourite for many years. Once upon a time, buffalo lawns were coarse and had sharp leaf blades, but they have since been vastly improved upon.

New variants, including Sir Walter buffalo grass, are soft, able to withstand wear and tear, and have the best shade tolerance when compared with every other turf. Due to their low invasive properties and capability to withstand a diverse range of climates, buffalo grass is an excellent all around choice for Australian homes.

Lawn Care for Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Soft leaf Sir Walter Buffalo Grass responds and grows well in sandy, salty and clay-based soils, thriving in full sun as well as tolerating shade. The Sir Walter Buffalo has a thick, vigorous root system, which allows it to access moisture and nutrients in the soil while tolerating heavy traffic.

Mowing Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Lawn mowing heights for Sir Walter Buffalo Grass lawns should be higher than other turf varieties, with a recommended height of 35-50 mm to maintain optimum health. Try to keep heights increased in areas with a lot of shade or diminished light to maximise the buffalo lawn’s ability to absorb sunlight. Areas with a lot of sunlight can have these mowing heights lowered.

Weed Spraying

While Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is herbicide resistant, the application of some weed killers should be avoided, especially those meant for broadleaf weeds, which attach poison to the blades of the buffalo grass in the same manner as the weeds.

Sir Walter Buffalo grass performs well in terms of weed infestation, so weed spraying will not always be necessary. If in doubt, test the herbicide on a small area two weeks before applying it elsewhere, or better yet, consult the buffalo grass experts.

Fantastic Qualities

Sir Walter buffalo grass is a superior textured turf that is soft to the touch and maintains remarkable beauty all year round. It can tolerate heat, drought, frost and salt, and is ideal for those with allergies. Great for kids and pets, everyone can enjoy a game of backyard cricket or footy without worrying about the lawn being damaged, falling on bindiis, or getting a mouth full of dirt.

Glenview Turf is an accredited grower and supplier of Sir Walter buffalo grass, and can supply to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Emerald, Ipswich, Gladstone, Lismore, Mackay, Maryborough, Rockhampton and more.

Talk to one of our friendly turf consultants today to see if buffalo grass is right option for your property and for expert advice on lawn care and lawn maintenance.