Terms and Conditions of Sales

1. Payment Terms: Preparation, Supply & Lay:
A deposit of 30% is required at the time of accepting the quote via either credit card or direct deposit. Project dates and landscape services will not be held without payment. We may request an interim payment for complex/specialty projects. 

Full payment is required on the day of project completion.

2. Payment Terms: Supply Only OR Supply and Lay:
Full payment for all turf orders and laying is required no later than 9am on the business day before delivery. Turf cannot be harvested without prepayment.
3. Cancellation & Refunds: Preparation, Supply & Lay:
In the event you need to cancel your lawn project after the deposit has been paid a cancellation fee of $300.00 will apply and will be retained from 30% deposit paid. Any costs to the project already expended e.g. lawn sprayed or soil supplied, will also be retained by us or will need to be paid for in the event the deposit does not cover all costs incurred by us.

Refunds processed back to the original method of payment within 7 days.
In the event you need to cancel your project and turf has been harvested there is no refund on that component as it cannot be re-planted. Glenview Turf will do all possible, to re-allocate harvested turf but makes no guarantees.
4. Cancellation & Refunds: Supply Only OR Supply & Lay:
Orders cancelled prior to turf being harvested will not incur any cancellation fees. 
Turf orders that have been harvested will still need to be paid for if turf cannot be used to fulfill other orders as it cannot be re-planted. Glenview Turf will do all possible, to re-allocate harvested turf but makes no guarantees. 
5. Contractors:
Please note we only utilise experienced, insured and reputable Contractors to complete our preparation, laying and delivery services. 
6. Chemical Use: 
Should your project require existing grass/weeds to be removed our landscape contractors will use Glyphosate to kill off the grass. Our contractors will spray Glyphosate according to both the manufacturers recommendations and also according to the guidelines set out in relevant Workplace Health and Safety Legislation.
Should you prefer not to have Glyphosate used you will need to arrange your own alternative, but Glenview Turf holds no responsibility for the success of the application, which is critical to a successful lawn installation.
7. Photography Waiver & Social Media:
Please be advised that before and after photos may be taken of your lawn for use throughout Glenview Turf for internal training and social media sites to assist the promotion of our products and services. Glenview Turf will ensure that the identity of the homeowner, occupants and address remain confidential at all times.
If you do NOT authorise photos to be taken of your lawn renovation, please advise our office in writing.
8. Variations & Additional Works:
Variations and additional works to plans etc. must be quoted by us and approved in writing by the client before these works can be carried out. All services need to be located and clearly marked by the client. No allowance for excavation of rock, unless specifically noted above. All goods and materials remain the property of Glenview Turf until paid for in full.
Please note, additional fees may apply should our contractors come across anything that cannot be identified until excavation of site begins when we break the surface e.g. uncover concrete, tree stumps, builders rubble etc. In the event this should occur, Glenview Turf will liaise with you prior to proceeding with works to gain consent for any additional costs that may be incurred as a result of their findings. 

Please ensure if you live in a Body Corporate or live in an estate that there are no caveats on the type of turf you can install at your property. If there are, please advise our Project Consultant immediately so we can amend your quote to suit, if required.
9. Delivery:
We will call you between 2-4pm the day before delivery to advise an estimated delivery time for the following day. We are able to take requests for AM or PM deliveries and every effort will be taken by our logistics team to meet that request however Glenview Turf can make no guarantee of delivery time. This is particularly unavoidable in peak periods or after prolonged periods of wet weather. Unfortunately, placing orders well in advance also doesn’t guarantee you a timeslot. However as we utilise Contractors we have one of the most flexible delivery services in SE QLD and will endeavour to do our best to accommodate your needs.
Our turf layers often do multiple projects in one day. This means they may not arrive on site at the same time as the turf delivery. Rest assured, they will co-ordinate all jobs to be completed on the same day as delivery. 
10. Weather
Wet weather can and does impact projects. Both the ability to prepare the area, source materials such as soil and our ability to harvest and deliver our turf. We do carefully monitor weather and potential impact to our ability to harvest and install turf. We aim to maintain communication with our customers at all times. In the event that it is too wet to harvest turf for your project, we will liaise directly with you and the project consultant to reschedule the project. We appreciate this can cause disruption and disappointment to our customers, but weather is an environmental factor outside of our control. We will complete your project at the very next available opportunity. 
Workplace Health & Safety:
Our Project Consultants will conduct a Site Assessment and Dial before you Dig (if applicable) prior to commencement of any works. If there are any known hazards that may cause harm to our consultants, occupants (including animals), pedestrians or illegal underground power cables, please ensure you remove these risks or ensure the Project Consultants are fully aware of these risks prior to project commencement. 

11. Site Access & Damage on Site:
Acceptance of this quote means the customer allows us to travel over the driveway and into your property if required. All care will be taken but we are not responsible for any damage to property. Whilst this has not been an issue in the extensive years we have been trading, Glenview Turf holds no responsibility for security of your possessions whilst Contractors are on site.

If you direct our drivers to place the turf in an area and they have expressed concerns about, then any damage and costs incurred by the driver and/or to recover equipment may be borne by you.

12. Fire Ants
Our Projects Consultants will comply with all Fire Ant Regulations, however if you are aware that you have Fire Ants, please make this known to our Projects Consultants as this will ensure the quote is accurate. In the event we find Fire Ants during your project, we may need to complete other works that may incur additional fees.

12. Sign Off & Handover: Your satisfaction at the completion of the project is of utmost importance to us. Our project consultants, landscapers or layers will ask you to sign off on works completed to ensure work has been completed as per quote and to a quality finish.

The site will be left as clean as possible and minimal scrap turf removed. Please note we do not gerni or hose clean driveways or pathways after project completion, as water usage is at a cost to you. No debris or rubbish from our Contractors will be left on-site however neither will they be responsible for any other Builders or Contractors or your personal debris or rubbish.
13. Warranty:
Others turf farms may offer a 10-year warranty on their turf. But, did you know, this warranty must be redeemed within 8 hrs of turf being delivered?
At Glenview, we don’t offer a 10-year warranty, but we do pride ourselves on customer satisfaction with our turf whether it’s 8 hours or 8 weeks old. 

We warrant the turf delivered to you in good condition and will rectify any poor supply of turf. The success of the turf post-delivery is dependent on the area having been prepped adequately, timing of laying the turf and post installation maintenance by the client. We will supply you with maintenance support information when you place your order. We are also available to you for years to come, if you have any questions or require advice on maintenance. We can also support you with a Free Lawn Health Check at the 4–6-week mark if you request one in writing to us.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the variety of turf selected is fit for purpose in the area intended to be turfed. I.e. ensuring a shade tolerant turf is selected for a shaded area.
14. Post Installation Care:
Client MUST water the new turf twice a day for at least 2-4 weeks in order for the best result. This includes on the day of and immediately after installation and all public holidays e.g. Christmas Day if installed within 4 weeks of Christmas.  Please refer to your watering guide. 
This quote does not include watering or post installation maintenance. Watering is critical to the survival and sustainability of your lawn. If you have any queries visit www.glenviewturf.com.au 
IMPORTANT: Do NOT allow anyone to walk on the new turf for 2-4 weeks. Glenview Turf recommends the use of Caution Tape however we do not provide.
Please refer to your Watering Guide: Click Here to view watering guide 


How do I accept this quote?

You can electronically sign or print and sign this quote. We will require a 30% deposit to secure a booking with our Project consultants and the balance due 24 hours prior to commencing on site.

What happens next?

If not included in your quote, you MUST spray any existing grass/weeds at least 7-10 days prior to any works commencing. We highly recommend Glyphosate and that 2 applications are to be made within 7-10 days. Also, being mindful of possible windy and wet conditions as per directions and safety recommendations on the bottle.

If spraying of existing grass/weeds is itemised in your quote you do not need to complete this step.

When can I expect my project to be completed?

Typically, we can complete works within 2-3 weeks of quote acceptance however this may grow to 4 -6 weeks during peak periods eg. Easter and Christmas or in the event of prolonged wet weather. Depending on the size of the area and the amount of preparation required, most residential jobs can be completed within 1-2 days. Larger projects may take longer. Our Project Consultants will advise the time frame at the time of quoting.

My turf is here but where are the layers?

Our professional lay crews will often attend several jobs in one day. They will co-ordinate to complete all turf jobs on the same day.


Is Aftercare Service Provided?

Upon completion we will provide you with some maintenance guidelines. We will be here for you long after we have finished to answer any questions you may have. We offer a Free Lawn Health Check at the 4-6 week mark if you request in writing otherwise site visits may incur a Fee.

Why should I choose turf over other ground covering?

  • Real turf grass reduces heat and can reduce temps in outdoor areas by up to 21°C in concrete areas and up to 40°C on artificial turf
  • Turf produces fresh oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, therefore improving the quality of the air we breath
  • Walking barefoot on grass may have protective effects on human health
  • Real turf can last forever whereas artificial turf will eventually end up as landfill in 10-12 years’ time when it needs replacing
  • Turf is the most effective ground cover for reducing erosion and managing run-off naturally
  • Turf is a natural fire barrier, reduces noise and can increase the value of your property by 18%