Augusta Zoysia Lawn


NEW Augusta Zoysia Lawn
A Revolutionary Golf Course Turf Grass Now Available For Your Lawn!

If you are looking for the very best lawn available then an Augusta Zoysia Lawn is for you.

Augusta Zoysia
Augusta Zoysia Turf Features
shade tolerance on lawn

Up to 75% shade tolerance

weed resistant lawn

Weed resistant

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Maintain to recommended height of 2cm – 5cm in the sun and 5cm – 7cm in the shade

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Only needs fertilising twice per year, Spring and Autumn

August Zoysia Grass Lawn Turf Golf Course 11 - Glenview Turf

Augusta Zoysia is fine and soft, yet tough and low maintenance, with amazing ‘Eye Appeal’.

  • A beautiful dark green colour
  • Fine leaf which is soft to the touch
  • High shade tolerance of up to 75%
  • Up to 50% less mowing
  • High heat and drought tolerance
  • Uses less water and fertiliser

A Fine, Dense and Soft Leaf With Up to 75% Shade Tolerance

Augusta Zoysia Lawn Brisbane Gold Coast Queensland 01-w

Augusta Zoysia Yearly Lawn Care Plan

Augusta Zoysia Yearly Lawn Care Plan 251021 - Glenview Turf
Augusta Zoysia Grass Lawn Pool 1e3 - Glenview Turf
Augusta Zoysia Grass Lawn Turf Pool 2e - Glenview Turf