How to Avoid Problems with Your New Lawn

lawn in bad condition full of dandelion weeds

Regrets – we’ve all had a few. But we definitely don’t want to be having any about our newly installed turf. Once you have your turf laid, you want to be able to enjoy it and not worry about issues with its quality or durability.

There are some really good ways to maintain your turf after it’s been installed to ensure it stays looking like it did the first day you put it into your garden.

Make Sure You Use an Accredited Grower

There’s nothing worse than finding out your turf isn’t the purest variety and is full of weeds or pests. If that’s the case, your lawn will diminish pretty quickly after installation and you’ll find yourself wishing you hadn’t cut any corners and gone straight to an accredited grower like Glenview Turf.

Keep the Roots of Turf Damp for Up to 6 Weeks

Depending on which season your turf is laid, you’ll need to water it regularly to keep it damp. In summer, it’s best to water twice a day in the early mornings and evenings to ensure the roots take hold in the soil successfully. This will avoid any brown patches on your turf soon after installation.

Get Your Lawn Installed By a Professional

If you want fewer problems later, don’t take a DIY approach as you’ll run the risk of your turf not being installed correctly, which in turn may result in your grass dying off. It’s a big investment and it’s better to get it right the first time by hiring experts. They’ll also make sure you choose the right lawn for your needs and climate.

Stay off Your Turf for a While

Light traffic is acceptable, but you should avoid any heavy foot traffic for the few weeks that the grass roots are establishing themselves in your lawn.

Keep it Short

After a few weeks, mow your grass and keep it at the right height as recommended by your turf installer. Make sure your lawnmower has sharp blades to keep the grass looking its best.

Bring in the Experts

To ensure your lawn lasts as long as possible, start with the team at Glenview Turf. Based on the Sunshine Coast, our experts can help you with everything from turf selection to installation and maintenance. If you would like to have your turf installed with no problems and the right advice, get in touch with us today.