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Empire Zoysia, is it the best lawn? Quite possibly. It is absolutely stunning, has shade tolerance of up to 50% and is slow growing so far less mowing than many other turf varieties.

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Empire Zoysia Yearly Lawn Care Plan

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Less watering

Less fertilising

Less mowing

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Empire Zoysia is just so good

  • Empire Zoysia is semi shade tolerant. It requires 4-5 hours full sun per day.
  • Luscious dark green colour.
  • Fine leaf texture with a luxurious soft to touch feel (not rough and intrusive).
  • One of the most drought tolerant turf varieties because of its deep root and underground runner system.
  • Grows well in clay and sandy soil areas.
  • Loves the coastal regions due to its salt tolerance.
  • Thrives in extreme heat and can tolerate cold frosty conditions.
  • Hard-wearing for children and animals, recovers well from injury, durable & robust, and is excellent at out-competing weeds.
  • Good resistance to insects and diseases which is great for the environment.
  • Ideal for residential yards, sloped areas, parks, sports fields, golf courses, childcare centres etc.
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Overall if you’d rather spend time with your loved ones, and not all weekend mowing and weeding the lawn, then Empire Zoysia is the perfect turf for you.

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Empire Zoysia As A Game Changer

This is the coverage by the GCSAA-TV on the Zoysia as a Game Changer Tour as was run in San Antonio on 23rd February. This video highlights Team Zoysia and one of the new golf courses just re-turfed in Zoysia in Texas as well as the tour to Bladerunner Farms in Poteet, Texas.

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Overall, if you’d rather spend time with your loved ones in your outdoor space, and not all weekend mowing, weeding and maintaining the lawn, then Empire Zoysia is the perfect turf choice for you.

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