When Should You Start Fertilising After Laying A New Lawn?


The most common question we find when customers have laid a new lawn is when they should start fertilising. To answer this, we have written a few points below in hopes that this helps.

To maintain a healthy, vigorous lawn, we recommend you fertilise 6-8 weeks after installation and then every 6-8 weeks all year round or at least the start of each new season, apart from Augusta which requires less. An autumn fertilise is essential to give your lawn the best chance to stay greener and healthier through winter.

When spreading fertiliser ensure you are spreading evenly either by hand or using a fertiliser spreader and be sure to water immediately. A healthy, dense lawn will give weeds a run for their money while also being able to maintain a dark green colour. For lush green lawns, use a nitrogen based fertiliser.

Correct fertiliser recommendations may vary depending on climate, region, and soil type. A few of the biggest mistakes when it comes to fertilising is not only using the right mixture but using the right quantity. If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear or lacking in colour it generally means it could do with a feed. Seed heads on the grass when it starts to stress that is not related to the seasons is also a sign that your lawn will need fertilising. Lawn Fertiliser will provide the nutrients to help feed the grass roots and promote growth. Slow release fertilisers are better value for money and granular fertilisers are best if you are looking to feed your lawn for the entire season.

It is possible to over fertilise your lawn though, so it is important to only use the recommended dosage. Over fertilising can cause sudden plant growth and thatch, but the roots will not experience the same growth and struggle to supply the amount of nutrients that your lawn needs. Excessive fertilising can cause salt build up in the soil making it difficult to absorb water, this will then dry out your turf and cause discolouration. Watering is the best solution for fixing an over fertilised lawn, as well as aerating and top dressing to improve the soil quality.

Our sales staff at Glenview Turf can also assist you on choosing the correct fertiliser for your lawn. We have plenty available. With slow release and instant release technology boosted with trace elements to build soil nutrients and extra phosphorus to encourage healthy roots.

Feel free to give us a call or visit our website www.glenviewturf.com.au for more information.