Grass Turf Selection

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Selecting the grass turf best suited to your location, when considering factors like soil type and consistency, climate, wear and tear (which is not just the amount of traffic but also the type of the traffic across your lawn) and the amount of sun that your lawn will receive, will make the difference between having a successful lawn that you can be proud of, or just a grassed area that you mow. For these as well as many other reasons, it is always our first suggestion that we provide obligation free assistance in this process, by having one of our Project Consultants with many years of experience in the field, to come to your property, allow you to walk them through what you have in mind, and then provide you with the solution that considers the many variables specific to your location, so that you get the lawn that you want the first time.

The table below provides an overview of the grass turf types grown and recommended by Glenview Turf, their characteristics in consideration of some of the more common questions asked by our customers, however, if you are not totally sure please don’t hesitate to contact Glenview Turf and discuss with one of our Caring Turf Consultants your individual circumstances to ensure that you get the best lawn for your individual needs and circumstances.