How to choose the right turf for your lawn

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With so many types of lawn turf available, it can be difficult to choose the right turf for your lawn. From shade tolerant, to high wearing and low maintenance grass, each turf variety has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. The right turf for your home will depend on factors such as availability of water, climate, usage and your preferred appearance. Use our information below to help you choose the best turf for your garden.

Choosing The Right Turf

Climate Factor

Where you live can be a major deciding factor when choosing turf. Does the area become frost-affected? How much sunlight is available? Certain grasses can lose their colour in the winter months if exposed to extreme cold temperatures. This will have a huge bearing on your decision as some turf varieties need more sunlight than others. If you have extensive shade, you may wish to choose a Buffalo variety that will cater for these needs, such as Empire Zoysia.

Low Allergy

For family members and pets with allergies, you may want to opt for a low-allergy turf variety. Sir Walter has been tested for allergens and at this stage has no known allergenic problems. Typically this turf produces very little seed head, unless it has been allowed to grow without mowing, is lacking in nutrition, or requires fertiliser. Many people comment that the non-irritable nature is why they choose Sir Walter. Oz Tuff is relatively free of seed head, making it a perfect choice for people with pollen allergies and lawns with more shade.

Disease Resistance

Some grass types are more likely to contract a specific lawn disease than others. However, there are also some varieties of grass that naturally resist specific diseases, reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides. All Zoysia turf types are highly resistant to lawn grub, particularly Army Worm and Web Worm.

For Play and Pets

Consider how much traffic the lawn will be getting. Will it simply be an ornamental lawn or will it be used as a recreational lawn used extensively by children or pets? The strength of Empire Zoysia when it comes to traffic areas is its ability to withstand wear and tear extremely well. This is due to the high levels of Silica present in Zoysia, which is not present in other grass types. Couch is another tough grass, which is very good for heavy traffic area. It is very fast growing so it can repair quickly from almost any damage, and also has good wear and tear resistance.

Professional Lawn Advice

If you’re looking for turf on the Sunshine Coast, visit Glenview Turf. As one of the top Accredited Turf Suppliers on the Sunshine Coast, we can provide a wealth of professional advice and other ideas to help you choose the right turf. Glenview Turf is available to install your turf of choice, as well as providing expert maintenance for the perfect finish. Call or email us at Glenview Turf today!