Nara Native Zoysia

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Australia’s most beautiful Nara native zoysia lawn is highly drought tolerant and Evergreen winter and summer.

Nara Native Zoysia performs so well under tough conditions. It also looks beautiful and feels so soft.

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Wear Tolerance Medium-high
Drought Tolerance 9/10
Cold Tolerance Medium
Shade Tolerance – low wear 50%
Shade Tolerance – high wear 30%
Salt Tolerance High
Maintenance Levels Low
Mowing Required Low
Seed Head Levels Low
Leaf Texture Fine
Winter Colour 7/10
Soil Type Most
Where It Works Best NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, WA, SA
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Nara Native Zoysia Turf ~ Soft and Beautiful

Nara Zoysia is an Australian Native plant which allows it to be naturally able to cope with hot, dry and humid conditions. Nara has a natural tolerance to salt and is much more resistant to pests and diseases.

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  • Mow to 2cm-5cm in sun or 5cm-7cm in shade.
  • Mow every 2 weeks in warmer months and every 3-8 weeks in colder months.
  • It is recommended to fertilise twice a year. If your lawn has high levels of wear then an additional application may be required.
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Nara Native Zoysia Turf is highly drought tolerant once it is established. However, like all plants it does need water, so be aware of drying out and water accordingly.

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