Oz Tuff Grass – Controlling Coastal Erosion

A waterfront promenade featuring Oz Tuff Sports Grass

A waterfront promenade featuring Oz Tuff Sports GrassErosion is a major problem for Australian coastlines, the effects of wind, rain, salt water and tide can mean that your pristine yard can be severely damaged if it is left to nature’s device.

Multiple resources exist to negate the effects of coastal erosion, rock walls, dune grass plantations, and turf grass installation. The most cost effective of the three choices is Oz Tuff.

In this blog, we will explain what coastal erosion is, what makes Oz Tuff the perfect turf grass for coastal environments and how Oz Tuff can control the effects of soil loss.

What Causes Coastal Erosion

Coastal erosion can be caused by wind, rain, and tide as well as human activities such as digging, building and even walking. These human and natural activities can play havoc on your waterfront property and existing turf grass on the Sunshine Coast.

Other erosion enablers include sediment and water runoff, this is when water or sediments are not absorbed into the soil or turf, rather they pass over the top acting as an abrasive which gradually takes away the top soil. Oz Tuff is effective in trapping sediments and controlling water runoff.

What Makes Oz Tuff The Perfect Turf Grass For Coastal Environments?

Oz Tuff is a turf that thrives in salty coastal environments where soils contain a high amount of salinity; it is a low maintenance lawn that maintains a deep green colour even when grown in poor soils, or when faced with drought conditions.

For erosion control, Oz Tuff is perfect with an extensive deep root system that holds onto the soil it aids in soil recovery, retention and coastal protection as well as absorbing a high amount of water.

Effective Erosion Control With Oz Tuff

The steps towards effective erosion control involve repairing any pre-existing damage before installing Oz Tuff. Identifying the key components of your soil structure and preparing the site.

Before laying turf an inspection is needed to check the degree of erosion. This involves inspecting the soil to find existing pitted, scarped or sediment deficient surfaces once this has been done the site can be repaired with a new layer of soil and/or rock, this is to re-introduce a normal soil structure before laying your Oz Tuff..

Contact Glenview Turf to speak with a consultant today – once you put in an order for turf, we can help you plan a soil preparation schedule and provide you with the right products. With our advice and guidance, this will be a vital and rewarding stage in obtaining a healthy coastal yard.