Prepare Your Lawn for New Turf

Lawn Preparation for New Turf

If you are getting ready to give your lawn a makeover with some new turf, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, don’t sweat it. We at Glenview Turf have compiled a list of steps to prepare your lawn for some new turf.

Step 1: Measuring and Ordering

You’ll need a tape measure to walk around and measure the space of your lawn. It’s also a good idea to draw a sketch of your lawn to scale, including anything else like a garden or a pool. Now, you’ll have to measure differently depending on the shape. Click here [link to blog 5] to learn how to measure your space differently whether it’s a rectangle, a trapezoid or any other unusual shape.

Step 2: Site and Soil Preparation

Replacing existing turf? Make sure you have it all removed whether by bobcat or spray with a roundup. Wait two weeks for all the grass to die off, and then clear the site of all debris like rocks and sticks. Be meticulous for best results.

Choose your soil

One of our specialists can help you choose, but you’ll want to keep in mind choosing a soil that is weed free and of high quality—think sandy loam for moisture retention. To calculate the measurement of soil required, multiply the total square metres by the depth of soil you would like.

Spread the topsoil

Use a rake to spread out the topsoil, and a wheelbarrow and shovel to move large amounts of soil around. Spread it a minimum depth of 150mm. You’ll want to ensure that the soil slopes away from any housing foundation or pathways to eliminate any future drainage problems.

When you smooth out the soil, make sure the surface is even with no debris. Using a roller will help.

Make sure to keep your soil about 2-3 cm below any footpaths or driveways because your new lawn will be laid on top, typically in 25mm high slabs.

Water the area

Lightly water the prepped area to settle the soil and provide a moist base for your turf. We recommend adding Lawn Starter to the topsoil before you lay down the new lawn to help with water retention and establishment of a root system.  

Now you’re ready to move onto installing your new turf! Contact Glenview Turf if you have any questions or concerns regarding the preparation of your lawn, or what the next steps are for installation. Or get a free quote from one of our project consultants who can prep the lawn for you.