Real Turf vs Artificial Turf

A roll of artificial turf

A roll of artificial turfThe temptation to install artificial turf is the most real thing about it.

You are probably thinking you simply don’t have time to maintain real turf. All that watering, fertilising and pulling weeds just sounds like too much work! You would be right in saying that it all sounds strenuous, especially if you end up needing to do all those things on a regular basis. However, if choose your turf wisely it will be just as easy, if not easier to maintain than artificial turf, and it will look amazing too.

What’s Wrong with Artificial Turf?

Dress it up how you like, artificial turf is just that – artificial. Even if you buy the most expensive artificial turf on the market it will still always look plastic-like and fake, which will instantly take away the homely aesthetics of your property. There are a few other reasons why you should avoid artificial turf:

  • It gets very hot: Artificial turf can reach up to 80 degrees due to its ability to absorb the sun’s heat. Real grass will only reach around 29 degrees. If you picture all that heat trapped in the turf around your house, you can only imagine how much heat it is producing around and into your home.
  • It wastes water: If you think watering real turf is a pain, you’ll find yourself watering your artificial turf just to cool it down in Brisbane’s heat! You’ll be wasting water and wasting your time.
  • It can’t break down waste: It might be appealing to have a party or your children play on artificial turf – that is, until someone is sick on your turf, spills something or brings a pet onto it. You’ll need to use nasty chemicals to clean up any spills or waste on your turf because it won’t be broken down naturally in the way that real turf would help with.
  • It has a short lifespan: Real turf can last forever! However, you will be lucky to get 5-10 years of life out of artificial turf, and there isn’t much you can do once it is worn but to throw it straight in the bin, making it expensive and wasteful.

Which Real Turf Should I Choose?

If you’re considering artificial turf, then you should be looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.  Premium turfs from CT Lawns will meet all your needs and you’ll be left with an amazing, natural look.

Don’t get that fake look, go for the real thing! You can’t go past CT Lawns for all your landscaping needs. We are leading suppliers of lawn and turf grass in Brisbane and coastal areas of Queensland. We can offer expert advice on your turf needs and install a grass that suits you in no time at all! Contact us today to find out more.