The Right Time to Replace Your Lawn

Turf rolls being applied in backyard

Turf rolls being applied in backyardLawn envy can be a difficult thing. As you drive around your neighbourhood, you might find yourself slowing down to gaze at beautiful lawns with lush green grass that seems to remain green all year around. You might return to your patchy, weed-filled, lawn and wonder how they do it.

Determined for a change? There are lots of reasons (other than lawn envy) to justify why the right time to replace your lawn is now. Here are just some of the reasons:

Pride in Your Home 

Your home’s first impression is given right out the front. You want to come home to something that looks inviting each and every day and your lawn can be a huge part of that. The lawn makes or breaks the entire look of your garden, both front and back. Replace your lawn so you can feel proud of your home and enjoy the way it looks, every day.

Add Value to Your Property 

A poor looking lawn can be a huge turn-off for home buyers. They want to move into something that looks beautiful immediately rather than a home that needs work. Replacing your lawn well before you put your home on the market will ensure your lawn is established and give your property the value boost and aesthetics it needs to sell faster, at the price you want. 

Enjoyment and Parties 

What good is a patchy, hard lawn you can’t enjoy? Your lawn is there to be of use and if it’s not looking great, it’s not feeling great. Replace your turf and invite your friends over for picnics, BBQs and a kick to kick. With a beautiful, green, even lawn, you’ll find both adults and kids alike will love kicking off their shoes and feeling the grass between their toes. 

To Fix That Problem That Won’t Go Away 

Sometimes you have tried everything to revitalise your existing lawn. You’ve fertilised and you’ve resewn seeds. You’ve watered it plenty and you’ve tried to get rid of all the weeds, but it’s still looking tired, patchy and worn. There are a number of reasons this might happen, often because your lawn isn’t the right variety for your climate or needs. The only solution, in this case, is to replace your lawn using the right advice from your grower and investing in only the best. 

Talk to Glenview Turf for Advice 

The team at Glenview Turf are the trusted experts in lawn care on the Sunshine Coast. If you’re interested in replacing your lawn at a price that can’t be matched, talk to our experts today. We can recommend and install your turf and provide advice that helps it last forever. For more information on replacing your existing turf or grass maintenance, contact us today.