Sir Walter Buffalo Turf – the King of Low Maintenance Grass

Lush, green buffalo grass

The humble Sir Walter buffalo grass has been a staple in gardens all around Australia for decades. This turf can thrive in the harsh Australian climate, which is why it is recommended by experts. If you want to update your lawn, consider putting some buffalo grass beneath your feet. It’s the low maintenance, eco-friendly solution to your garden needs.

 Why Sir Walter  Buffalo Grass?

The buffalo grass that we highly recommend is the Sir Walter buffalo grass. Sir Walter has been cultivated specifically to withstand the Australian climate. Unlike other grass that wilts in summer or frosts during winter, Sir Walter grass thrives. Requiring only 2-3 hours of sunlight a day, it is the perfect solution for anyone with a heavily shaded garden. It is important to note that buffalo grass can also withstand sunlight. Even if your garden isn’t shaded, you can take advantage of this quality turf.

Easy to Maintain

Weekends are meant to be spent enjoying family activities, not mowing the lawn. Sir Walter is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners because it doesn’t need much water to grow. This also means that you’re not mowing it every second week. Due to its thick root system, it can easily absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil. This means less fertiliser, less watering and greater longevity for your lawn in the long run.

Tolerant and Resistant to Most Elements

Sir Walter buffalo grass keeps its colour throughout the year. This is because it’s tolerant and resistant to all conditions. Australia is known for its unpredictable weather, which puts enormous stress on our beautiful flora. Fortunately, Sir Walter is resistant to:

  • Drought
  • Heat
  • Wearing out

It is no surprise that homeowners are opting for this grass for their garden. As well as being drought resistant, buffalo grass is tolerant to:

  • Shade
  • Cold and frost
  • Salt – perfect for a coastal environment!

Whether you live in warm climates or near the beach, you can have the perfect grass all year round. Buffalo grass is a proven choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a lush, green lawn.

How to Maintain Your Lawn

Like anything in life, if you fail to look after your lawn, it will eventually wither out and die. Fortunately, buffalo grass is known as a quick ‘healer’ and can withstand poor conditions. Regardless, it is important that you look after it.

Watering, especially during the summer months, is necessary. Water the lawn just enough to make it soft underfoot. Aerating your lawn will help ensure moisture and nutrients penetrate the soil to aid growth. You can fertilise your lawn if you wish, although it isn’t a necessity. Mowing your lawn regularly will help keep it lush and firm while aiding regeneration of the roots.

The team at Glenview Turf are the trusted experts in lawn care on the Sunshine Coast. Our knowledge and experience in lawns can’t be matched. If you would like to learn more about our buffalo grass products or services, get in touch with us today.