Tell us how much shade, soccer and pets your new lawn will have.

Glenview Turf Shade, Wear and Pets w

And we will tell you which turf is best for you.

We grow turf varieties which can handle varying levels of shade which can be cast from the house, fence, trees, bushes, and walls etc.

Couch varieties are not very shade tolerant so need to be in full sun areas.

Zoysia varieties are semi shade tolerant so can handle half the day in shade, only requiring 4-5 hours direct sunlight per day. The exception to this is August Zoysia which although it has a fine leaf it has shade tolerance of up to 70%.

Buffalo varieties all have a shade tolerance of up to 70%.

All of our turf varieties have a good level of wear tolerance for kids, pets and general wear. Buffalo and Couch varieties will repair quicker if damaged as they are faster growing than Zoysias. However, this does make them more maintenance than the low maintenance Zoysias.

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