Tips: How to green up your turf

Thick green grass

Many homeowners strive for the perfect, darker green grass. Some overdo it with the products and equipment, whilst others fail to realise that it takes a little more than just regular mowing to achieve perfection. To find out how to get lush, greener grass, check out these tips on how to mow, fertilise and control the weeds in your yard.

Top Turf Tips

Lawn Height: Shorter lawns need more watering as the soil is more exposed. Raise your lawn height to at least 40 mm tall and let it breath a little. This will help to keep your lawn in much better shape, as it will be more durable against drought and therefore turning brown.

Sharp Blades: If your lawn looks ‘white’ after mowing, the blades of your mower are likely blunt. This means they tend to ‘tear’ the blades rather than cut them. Sharper blades also help to stave off diseases.

Mowing: By mowing your lawn 1 day after watering you can also prevent the tips of the grass from becoming brown and ruining that perfect green lawn finish.

Watering: Turf loses its vibrancy from drought and lack of proper nutrients and needs an inch of water per week. Rainfall is always better than the tap, so if your lawn is doing fine, then there is no need to pull out the sprinkler. If your lawn hasn’t seen any appreciable moisture for 3 weeks or more, its time to water it.

Weeding: Nothing ruins a lush green lawn like weeds. The best way to prevent weeds is to plant more grass with seeds, as thick grass makes it harder for them to grow or spread within your lawn.

Fertiliser: Fertilising helps turf retain its nutrients and maintain its green colour and healthy roots. Not all fertilisers provide the same results. Make sure to do your research or ask a lawn expert to find out the best fertiliser to use.

Pest and Diseases: Unwanted pests could be feeding on your turf and taking away the nutrients from your lawn. If you notice any signs of lawn disease, treat it immediately. Don’t let pests and disease do further damage to your grass.

Oxygen: Aeration of the lawn core can benefit your lawn by increasing water, nutrient and oxygen movement into the soil. It also improves the turf’s root system, enhances infiltration of rainfall or irrigation and helps decrease thatch buildup. 

Iron Supplement: Ever wondered how some homeowners get such a dark green lawn? The answer just might be iron. A favourite secret weapon of lawn care professionals and golf courses maintenance, iron supplements help to impart a lush, deep, blue-green colour to you lawn. 

Some Friendly Advice

If you’d like more information about how to make life greener on your side, give Glenview Turf a call and ask one of our professional lawn consultants for some friendly advice. For landscaping supplies on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Wide Bay and Ipswich please call us on 5494 5616 to order now.