Install a Great Lawn to Increase the Value of Your Home

Beautiful lawn in front of house

If you’re looking to increase the value of your property before selling without spending thousands of dollars on major renovation projects, installing a new lawn is an easy and affordable option.


The Value of a Good Quality Lawn

Non-profit body Turf Australia conducted a survey released in 2012 that found home buyers were willing to pay more for a good quality lawn. After polling 114 real estate agents nationally, they found that people are willing to pay up to 19% more for a house with a lawn, with 95% of house hunters wanting a real, good quality lawn in their backyard.

In Queensland the average added value to a property is $48 600 on a $405 000 home, which is an added value of 12%. The backyard is definitely back in fashion, with the report also finding that 80% of the population prefers a lawn that takes up a third of their property.

This is hardly surprising given the various advantages that come with a big lawn. Not only are they a great area to entertain, relax and exercise, they also offer environmental benefits and aid in the natural cooling of your home.

Backyards in southeast Queensland make up between 40 to 60% of the house block, meaning we have the best advantage in the country when it comes to capitalising on lawn maintenance investment.

The value of a good quality lawn is also supported by a Michigan University study, which found homeowners achieved an average 109% return on every dollar spent landscaping, higher than any other home improvement.

The Turf Australia report noted that while it is cheaper to lay a good quality lawn (approximately $12-$14 per square metre compared to $23.22 per square metre for a bathroom renovation), you need the know how to install the right lawn and maintain it. That means knowing what’s best for the climate in your area, your budget, and the type of lawn maintenance needed.

Knowing What to Do

You need to be well informed to make the most of a new lawn. How you treat it during Spring has everything to do with how well the grass flourishes in summer. There are a couple of important things to note if you are installing a new lawn before selling your property.

The first is that a lawn will take a few weeks to become fully established, requiring regular watering and lawn maintenance during this time. This means that someone needs to be available to undertake this regular lawn care if the home is going to be empty. One of the big aims is to make the lawn look well maintained and cared for. A tidy lawn that is trimmed and properly edged creates the impression of an attractive and low-maintenance yard.

With Australia’s love affair for the backyard far from over, a 12% increase in value should not be overlooked. Consult one of our friendly turf consultants today for expert tips on maximising the value of your lawn and to find the lawn maintenance solution that is right for you.