What You Need to Know About Empire Zoysia Turf

Empire Zoysia Grass 14

Beautiful lawn and garden in front of houseEmpire Zoysia Turf is a great all around solution for lawn care. It’s some of the strongest turf available, easy to maintain, and looks and feels great.

Tough and Easy

Empire Zoysia is perfect for difficult terrains, as it requires very little fertilizer and lawn maintenance to thrive. Its durability makes it the perfect turf for a yard with a hilly terrain, where running water can cause erosion and devastate your topsoil.

The lawn grows quite slowly due to its deep and dense root system, which allows it to find water sources deeper underground than other grasses. This means you won’t have to water it unless it is particularly dry for a long time, helping you save on your water bills. The best way to approach watering Empire Zoysia is to do so only when it begins wilting or yellowing.

Empire Zoysia Stops Soil Erosion

Empire Zoysia is excellent at controlling dust and mud, but it also provides a great solution for an even bigger problem – soil erosion. As mentioned earlier, this turf is ideal for residential land where hills and other difficult terrain limit lawn maintenance, where there is also a higher risk for soil erosion.

What is Soil Erosion?

Soil erosion involves the wearing away of topsoil by wind and water. It is a significant problem in Australia, as it leads to the loss of fertile soil for agricultural use and gardening, turning the land dry and desert-like.

How EMPIRE Zoysia Turf Helps

Covering the soil with turf adds a protective layer that reduces the impact of falling raindrops and wind by shielding the soil and slowing down water as it flows downhill. This kind of protection is vital for areas in Queensland like the Sunshine Coast, which experiences a large amount of storms.

Weed Resistant

Empire Zoysia Turf makes it possible to have a weed-free lawn without using chemicals. Their dense root system makes it difficult for weeds and other pests to invade. A chemical free lawn makes it safer for kids and pets to play, saves money and is eco-friendly.

Empire Zoysia Turf is a great lawn care solution for coastal Queensland areas, as it thrives in the sun, can tolerate up to 5 hours of shade and can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as salty coastal breezes.

It is soft underfoot and has a striking deep green colour. The lack of watering, mowing, and chemical-based weed prevention makes it one of the more affordable and eco-friendly options.

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