How to Install Your New Turf

Install New TurfSo you’ve done all the necessary preparations for your new turf and new lawn. You’ve measured the site, chosen the soil, spread out the topsoil and gotten it moist and ready for installation. Now it’s time to take the next step. Not sure how to do it? Don’t worry. We at Glenview Turf are the Sunshine Coast-based experts for installing your new turf. Check out our step-by-step guide.

Lay Down the Grass

You should install your lawn immediately upon delivery. The best way to go about it is to begin laying the turf along the longest straight line, like your driveway or footpath. Butt and push the edges and ends against each other tightly to allow the separate pieces to grow together. Don’t stretch out the turf, and try to avoid gaps or overlaps. 

Stagger the joints in each row in a brick-like way. Use a sharp knife or spade to trim the corners, but avoid leaving small strips at outer edges, as they will not retain moisture.

If you’re working on a slope, try not to walk or kneel on the turf while it’s being installed or after you’ve watered it.

After Installation

You should roll the entire turfed area after installation. This will improve the turf/soil contact and remove any unwanted air pockets. Water your lawn within 30 minutes of installation. The combination of ground contact and moisture help this living plant to prosper.

Try to avoid any heavy traffic on your new lawn in the first four weeks so you can give the roots an opportunity to firmly knit with the soil and ensure the turf remains level. 

Watering Your New Turf

Once you’ve installed the new turf, soak it entirely with at least 25mm of water. Make sure that the water seeps through the turf to the soil underneath. How do you know if you’ve sprinkled 25 mm? Here’s a hint. Place a cup 2 metres away from the sprinkler. The cup will fill with water, so when it has reached approximately 25 mm, you’ll know that section of the lawn has reached its quota and you should move the sprinkler to another part of the lawn.

How often should I water?

Ideally, for the first two weeks, give your lawn an hour of water each day. This will help the turf establish its root system. Once the turf is firmly rooted, you won’t need to water as frequently. Much of the frequency and quantity of watering will depend on the weather conditions. So for new turf, if the weather is hot, dry or windy, make sure the grass has enough moisture to survive.

How to deal with dry turf

The areas closest to buildings, which give off a reflected heat that dry out turfs more quickly, should be watered more frequently. You’ll know your turf is too dry if there are gaps between the joins. Also, if you pick up a corner and find the soil underneath dry, you’ll need to water it immediately.

Once fully established (approximately 8 weeks) the turf should only be watered when necessary so you produce a more drought-tolerant turf. 

For more information on how to install and maintain your new lawn, call us at Glenview Turf today.